Our Funds Recovery Services

Get your money back from
Binary Options, Forex & Crypto Currency Scams

Ponzi scheme scams are not just rampant, they have a way of getting to pull a very large number of people on board. A lot of people get to part with their money
Real estate till date stands as one of the brightest and most viable investment opportunities. A whole lot of people have amassed huge wealth from it legitimately
Fraud Awareness Trainings. This line of service is very sacrosanct as it is intended in opening your eyes to see fraudulent practices and provide adequate professional assistance
Forensic investigation into alleged fraud, be it corporate or individual has never been and will never be a trivial matter. With the credibility, reputation and values of the parties involved at stake
At Albert Gonzalez Wizard, we run a very wide variety of investigations services to expose information and details hidden in your data. We have staff and team members dedicated to this for you and they are available to travel.
There is a very thin line that separates a legitimate business and an investment fraud. Something may go wrong and a good business becomes fraudulent or a scam be packaged to look like a legitimate investment opportunity.
Romance scams stand tall as one of the oldest and most gruesome ways by which fraudsters swindle unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned resources.